• 19 декабря, среда
  • Тбилиси, Rike Park, place near "two pipes" of the Cultural Centre

Past Perfect Tbilisi - a 1,5-hour interactive headphone-tour along Tbilisi in English (the price is 25 USD)

Через 3 дня
19 декабря c 15:00 до 17:00
Rike Park, place near "two pipes" of the Cultural Centre

Boost your senses. Discover Georgia in the most incredible way. Believe, you never heard Tbilisi like this before! IMPORTANT: Payment for the excursion is made at the meeting place. The price is 25 USD (22 EUR, 65 GEL)

What: a 1,5-hour interactive headphone-tour along Tbilisi

Where: walking through quiet yards and crowded streets. Going under the ground and climbing the spiral staircases. You will see all the best sights and uncharted trails. Our starting point is — Rike Park near the Bridge of Peace.

About: you will find out how tall the founder of Tbilisi was. How khinkali and war are connected. And how Tbilisi locals entertained themselves, until Play Station was invented!:-) This is just the beginning — the best is yet to come!

Whom: if you are first time in Tbilisi – throw out your city-guide and go for a walk with us! You will learn a lot of interesting facts that you will never read on Wikipedia!;-)


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